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Lip Flip Chandler & Gilbert AZ

Why a Lip Flip? A lip flip is a short, non-invasive cosmetic surgery that uses judicious injections of neuromodulators, most commonly Botox, Juvederm, or Dysport, to give your lips a larger, more pronounced pout. The lips “flop” out and roll outward as a result of the injections, making them appear bigger. The injections relax particular portions of the orbicularis oris muscle surrounding the mouth.

The method can provide your lips the ideal amount of vigor without making it appear as though you had any cosmetic procedures. It offers patients a delicate, natural-looking improvement for fuller-looking lips, a more pronounced pout, and an obvious top lip.

For a successful procedure, the proper dosage of medication injected into the lip muscles is essential.

Your lip flip treatment must therefore be performed by a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Botox Lip Flip is a wonderful way to get started with fillers. You’ll get a 1-2mm pop out of it! This is the service for you if your lip disappears when you smile! It can also be used in combination with lip filler to improve the results.


Price varies depending on the number of units used. Personalized estimation of units is discussed at the appointment.

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How Does it Work?

Lip flip includes injecting abobotulinum toxin A, used in Botox and Dysport, into the upper lip. The orbicularis oris muscle, which aids in the contouring and shaping of the lips, needs to be relaxed. Long lips emerge as a result of the injection’s relaxation and “floating” outward of the upper lip.

Lip-flipping happens quickly—it takes under two minutes. Because of this, it might be a good alternative for people who are wary of more invasive procedures.

In order to restore rotation without impairing muscle function, Botox or Dysport is purposefully injected into the orbicularis muscle, the muscle that surrounds the mouth and controls the movement of the lips.

Lip Filler vs Lip Flip?

Flipping does not function the same way as lip filler and is not the same as lip filler. Lip Flip is the ideal option if you want to lightly fill your upper lip and produce the finest smile. Although lip fillers don’t freeze the muscles above the lips, they do give the upper or lower lips volume.

The ideal solution for you can be determined by speaking with one of our consultants!

Why You Might Want a Lip Flip:

-When you grin or create an expression with your face, it seems like your upper lip vanishes.

-Your smile contains too much of your gums.

-You want to add slightly more pucker your lips.

-You want lips that look fuller without having more volume.

-You would rather have a momentary remedy over something more permanent.

Why Us for Lip Flip Treatment?

Professional Lip Fillers in Chandler and Gilbert Arizona.

Helps Treat

Improve and give a more aesthetic appearance to your lips.

How Long Does it Last?

This treatment usually lasts around 8 to 12 weeks.

Why Us?

We are friendly, professional, and trained to provide this treatment.


Will it change how I smile?

Gummy smiles can be eliminated with just a few Botox units. Lowering the top lip is intended to have the effect of minimizing gummy smiles.

How Long Does this Treatment Last?

The effects of the surgery typically last 8 to 12 weeks. Lip filler can be a better choice for you if you’re searching for a more durable solution.

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