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What is PRP? Get Thicker, Stronger, Great Looking Hair. Naturally Without Surgery! Restore & Grow Hair with Platelet Rich Plasma. This is a highly effective non-surgical hair restoration jump-start technique of using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair. Restoration and Rejuvenation: Stimulate the growth of healthy hair Reduce the effects of hair thinning Effective and affordable non-surgical procedure and so much more.

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a regenerative injectable therapy that encourages healing and cell renewal by using a concentration of platelets and active proteins found in your blood.

PRP injections use a centrifuge to remove your own blood cells, which are then injected again.

Before it worsens, it is imperative that you take action if you are noticing the first signs of hair loss. In the early phases of hair loss, PRP hair restoration uses regenerative medicine to revive dying hair follicles.


Price varies depending on the number of units used. Personalized estimation of units is discussed at the appointment.

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Am I a Good Fit for PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP hair restoration is a highly effective, minimally invasive regeneration procedure that has been supported by years of academic research. It is commonly known that PRP injections into the scalp are a way for restoring the health of the hair without surgery, drugs, or chemical treatments.

The best candidates for PRP hair restoration are folks that still have healthy hair follicles that are starting to create finer, thinner hair strands. PRP generally is typically unable to stimulate hair growth in balding areas.

What Advantages Does PRP Hair Rejuvenation Offer?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is utilized as a natural means of healing the body, encouraging the production of collagen by cells, and accelerating the growth of hair follicles in both men and women. The majority of patients benefit from significant hair regrowth, the restoration of hair thickness, and generally less hair loss.

More information on PRP:

• Exceptionally Safe

• Reverses Aging Symptoms

• Produces Long-Lasting Benefits

• Promotes collagen production

• Is natural

• Offers great alternative to more invasive treatments

Why Choose Us for PRP Hair Therapy?

Professional PRP Hair Therapy & Restoration in Chandler Arizona

Fast Treatment

Treatment only takes around 35 minutes.

How Long Does it Last?

Each patient may respond differently to therapy.

Why Us?

We are friendly, professional, and trained to provide this treatment.


What Results Can I Expect?

Because PRP therapy is entirely natural, recovery period is minimal to nonexistent. For the majority of people, a course of PRP therapy treatments is necessary to achieve the best results, coupled with follow-up treatments once your PRP therapy objectives are achieved. We can help develop a customized PRP treatment plan for you during your appointment, taking into account your medical history, age, lifestyle, and cosmetic objectives.

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